Modern Expressionist

Modern Expressionist


Kelli Lewis ~ Visual Artist

Kelli has been a visual artist and art teacher since the 1980s.

Her paintings are in the expressionist style featuring bold colours and lines, featuring interior and outside scenes, portraits and still life.

Her influences include Margaret Olley, Stella Bowen, Margaret Preston, Jackson Pollack and Vincent Van Gogh.

In essence my work is one of pictorial journalism. Underlying all of my paintings is a feeling for my subject that some may consider insubstantial, but on my part intentionally executed, with an incisive wit and wilfulness of line.

Enquiries about Kelli’s paintings can be directed to the enquiry form or via email to


  • Jackalope Gallery Port Adelaide
  • Adelaide Fringe (various)
  • South Australian Living Artists (various)
  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
  • Murray Bridge Regional Gallery (First Prize)
  • Greenhill Gallery
  • Lombard Art Gallery Adelaide
  • Hill-Smith Fine Art Gallery Adelaide
  • Wadi Gallery Sydney
  • Chapel Hill Winery
  • Gallery Yampu
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